Life Design

The Context: The integration of skills and talents with aspirations for changes in life style, career or any other aspect of life is the texture of LIFE DESIGN. The process may be a vital tool at any stage of life. For example, in the US the retiring baby boomers face multiple options,  much different from conventional retirement scenarios of the past. Advances in health care and life style have created Age Power: A group of seasoned professionals and executives with wisdom, financial resources and the health to enjoy them for decades to come. "WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING WITH THE NEXT STAGE OF MY LIFE?"

In the lower age bracket the same question also pops up. “I have worked successfully and met my obligations. I am good at what I am doing; yet, I would like to do something else. But I don't know what.”

The Solution:  The Life Design process calls for the integration of psychological needs with passions related to career or avocations not fulfilled earlier in life or discovered more recently. It explores ideas and passions against the background of actualizing them in real life. This is a field of uncovering or resurrecting aspirations that clients may have never actualized. And, having uncovered them, exploring how to harness the energy of those aspirations to create extraordinary results for an integrated and meaningful life.

This kind of work is complex and difficult. It involves wholesale change. It creates anxiety and even fear. Yet, it has the potential of making a difference between a life   that is exciting vs. one that “could have been." It is the passport to visiting parts of your self you never could dedicate time to see.  It stems from the luxury of being in a position to ask questions you never asked before: " From where I am today, what do I want to do with the rest of my career, avocation, or other areas of my life?  Who do I need to secure as my allies in the new stage of my journey?  Who will be affected by my decisions? "

Expensive weeklong Executive Education programs at top universities explore these issues. Weeklong retreats in exclusive mind-body spas also explore these issues. At NovAspire, we provide the unique approach of a man-woman team, who are also life partners and have the credentials and training to engage in this kind of serious work. We have the expertise and the flexibility to design and facilitate processes that make sense for the client and, when applicable, his/her significant other.

Organizations, that want to reenergize senior executives or give them a chance to contemplate a new position inside or outside the company, will find this work important.

We conduct this type of work typically in individual coaching/consulting sessions with:

  • Executives who are contemplating an early retirement package and are exploring consulting, or purchasing/ starting a business, or even part time employment. They may be considering the conversion of a hobby into a  money making venture. When applicable, participation of  significant other is recommended for this process.
  • Executive couples who will be retiring in several years and want to plan their lives.
  • Downsized senior executives, who are financially set,  looking at options in employment and life style with consideration for a variety of needs, they may want to satisfy.